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TruPro Cleaning understands that clean floors will only highlight the need for your upholstery to be cleaned. Fortunately for you this is one of our unique talents and specialty area.

We carry a wide range of upholstery cleaning products to ensure that your furniture and upholstery is as clean as possible, no matter the type or condition. TruPro Cleaning, Inc. considers the age of the furniture and the current shape of the fabric or material as we work with your upholstery.
Occasionally we encounter furniture or upholstery that we cannot do an amazing job, we will immediately let you know and even suggest what you need to know when searching for a specialized upholstery cleaning company.

Our upholstery cleaning process:
STEP 1 - Your fabric will be tested for fiber type (microfiber, cotton, velvet, etc.) and dye stability.
STEP 2 - Dry soils and insoluble debris are removed; depending on fabric type, it may be pre-treated.
STEP 3 - The fabric is gently groomed using soft upholstery brushes to loosen the soil.
STEP 4 - Soil is extracted with a gentle yet controlled rinse.
STEP 5 - Any remaining spots are treated with stain removal products.
STEP 6 - Fabric is prepared for drying; high-velocity air movers are used to speed dry fabric.
STEP 7 - A post inspection is performed to insure satisfaction.

Your satisfaction is the single most important part of our services. From spot and individual fiber treatments to pre-sprays and deodorizers, TruPro Cleaning, Inc. has the equipment and knowledge to restore almost any furniture.


Recent Testimonials

"Mr McGahee was prompt, professional, and did a fabulous job!"

—Kelli M, Miami, FL

"TruPro Technicians went above and beyond the call of duty. They worked very hard to make sure my carpets were as clean as possible and that I was happy with the end results. Which I was!"

—Cynthia M, Lake Worth, FL

"My carpet looked brand new and the house smelled so good. My sofa's are next!!"

Heather B, Wellington, FL

"The gentleman are polite and the fact that he moved furniture by himself was outstanding."

—James M., Miami Lakes

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